Omega SpeedMaster UltraMan

Omega SpeedMaster UltraMan …and a Japaneese sci-fi movie   On 14th November 2015 a super rare Omega SpeedMaster Professional UltraMan was up for auction and hammered for no less than 3 times its estimated value on Kaplans auction house in Sweden. In some ways the Ultraman is pretty similar to any other Omega SpeedMaster Professional carrying the […]

Don Walsh’s Mariana Trench watch

  Don Walsh’s Mariana Trench watch On January 23, 1960 two men achieved one of the greatest feats of the 20th Century diving to the deepest part of the world also known as the The Mariana Trench situated 35.800 feet below the surface and around 200 miles southwest of the island of Guam.   The […]

A King’s Watch under the hammer

 A King’s Watch under the hammer   Elvis Presley’s Omega Constellation     Elvis Presley was one of the most significant cultural icons of the 20th century he is often referred to as “the King of Rock and Roll”, or simply, “the King”. To WristChronology The King is not only to be remembered for; an amazing vocal; […]

The story of Universal Geneve – Polerouter

Official Pilot watch On 1st of august 1947 three Scandinavian airlines (Norwegian, Swedish & Danish) merged to formed a new airline alliance and named it Overseas Scandinavian Airlines System aka. OSAS. The named of the airline company was later changed to Scandinavian Airlines System aka. SAS – a fact, which have no further importance to the […]

Eterna Kontiki – a holy grail for watch lovers

All watch lovers hunt a holy grail – it can be a desirable, limited, collectable, costly, rare; perhaps custom made or the first of its kind. What most of these watches have in common is one thing: everybody dreams of owning one… From “Dr. Girard & Schild” to Eterna In November 1856, Dr. Joseph Girard […]

The Certina Legacy

The Certina Legacy In 1888 two brothers – Adolf and Alfred Kurth – joined the watch industry by establishing the company – Kurth Frères SA – in the small Swiss town of Grenchen. At that time the watch industry had already been blooming and booming for decades. A fact that didn’t seem to have scared the two […]

Philippe Dufour & Vianney Halter

Time Piece – Switzerland Philippe Dufour & Vianney Halter An introduction   De er begge urmagere, arbejder i Svejts og har stor passion for ure, der ikke er drevet af batteri. – Nyd 10 minutter i selvskab med to professionelle fagfolk fra en svunden tid.   TING: TAGER: TID Ordene fra Philippe Dufour gør indtryk, når […]

Angelus – dræbt af Quartz-kaliber.

Angelus  – en introduktion værd.   Særlig kendt blev Angelus for deres ChronoDate i perioden op til første verdenskrig.   Angelus Watch Company Angelus så dagens lys i 1891, da ur-firmaet blev etableret af Stolz brødrene i den schweiziske landsby Le Locle – en by, der senere skulle blive hjemsted for et utal af kendte […]

Cyma – since 1862

Cyma – since 1862 Cyma er et af ​​de ældste schweiziske urmærker og kan dateres tilbage til 1862. Hvis du er udkig efter et Cyma ur, kan du naturligvis vælge et ur fra deres nye midlertidige moderne design. Alternativt kan du vælge at gå på jagt efter et, i håb om at finde at finde […]