Revisiting vintage watches with WristChronology.

Bearing a unique patina as proof of their enduring quality, vintage watches come at only a fraction of a new Swiss. Their immortal aesthetics belong to an era when every timepiece was truly unique and where handmade really meant handmade. WristChronology treasures these values and it is our ambition to help you rediscover them and have the opportunity to wear a luxury icon of pastimes on your wrist today.

We deal solely in mechanical Swiss-made (ca. 1900s-1970s) vintage watches from the golden age of pre-quartz time measuring. WristChronology seeks to emphasize on the personal narratives of these mechanical wonders and on how decades of life experience is passed on from owner to owner. It is therefore our ambition to turn classy Rolexes, Patek Phillippes and Omegas into fully functional timepieces ready to pass on your story.


Rethink, Reuse, reduce.

Through WristChronology, a vintage watch maintains a unique fashion position when valuable vintage design meets eco-friendly wear. With our rethink, reuse, reduce approach, it is possible to deliver memorable old school fashion to the brides, bohemians and businessmen of today. The mechanical quality of handmade swiss watches keeps these high end timepieces going for decades and more often than not, the swiss will outlive its wearer. This gives any conscious owner the opportunity to carry on a unique item to following generations without overly stressing the environment.

– No battery required!


Long lasting quality

To our Team, wrist chronology means to rediscover the original beauty of a vintage watch without erasing its distinctive history. Our passionate watchmaker is key to this process and as he breathes new life into these old mechanics he always does so with great concern for the original concept of the watch.
At WristChronology, we believe in preserving historical artifacts of potentially rising economic value. This also implies that each resold or inherited watch reduces our ecologic footprints as we basically seek to reuse quality products. All timepieces on our site have been serviced and cared for by our skilled watchmaker and therefore we are proud to deliver them with a full 1-year warranty.

Yours Sincerely,

The Wrist Chronology Team