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Sell your watch on a WristChronology Commission to achieve the best price advantage




We offer you a commission sale of your vintage wrist watch as part of the WristChronology services. This method awards you the benefit of a dealer that will vouch for your watch and give it good exposure online. A commissioned sale lowers our necessary profit margin (since the watch remains your property) so we can return you the highest price possible compared to a direct sale.

Ultimately, it means that you get a higher price advantage than under any private or direct sale online.


Choosing to sell on commission may be the right thing for you, if you can agree to the following facts:

√  Your watch is of considerable worth and you would like somebody to vouch for it (insurance)

√  Your watch is 100 % original and has been professionally serviced and is in a good condition

√  You have no problem waiting for up to 12 weeks to get the most desirable price (free on no sale)

√  You will agree to be charged a 17,5 % fee, or minimum $240 based on the final sale price.


Does this sound like your watch? All you need is to take 3 simple steps to get going:

Step 1) Fill out the form below. (All information goes to our knowledge pool to give you the initial proposal)

Step 2) Make an appointment to come see us (Skype meeting possible). Remember we are based in DK (EU)

Step 3) You decide if the price proposal meets your expectations. Then WristChronology arranges our deal.


To assess your watch, we require the following information:

Contact info

Info on the watch you wish to commission



Additional information:

  • To make sure that the features of your watch correspond to our image, we will double check them at no fee.
  • Watches in our caretaking should be covered by the seller’s own insurance, as Wrist Chronology does not offer to sign individual insurances. Your watch is completely secure in our possession stored in our safe deposit box.
  • You can send or hand-deliver your watch to us in person. If you choose to mail, please arrange for insurance.
  • Should you come visit us then please ensure you bring a form of ID with you (passport or driver’s license) to sell your watch on a WC commission.
  • We do not operate a walk-in facility, so go to be sure go to Contact us first.
  • We reserve the right to confiscate counterfeit watches.
  • We will NEVER sell your watch without making sure, that you are happy with the price benefits we return to you.
  • Please allow us at least 12 weeks to sell your watch. Most sales are likely to come quicker. If not, it is all free!
  • We only retail perfect examples and if for any reason your watch has a marked bezel, chipped glass etc. we will need to replace these. Bear in mind that a Wrist Chronology Commission Sale does not include service/repairs.
  • We will ALWAYS contact you with a price-quote before proceeding on any repair on your commissioned watch.