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‘I want to sell my watch, how do I go about doing this?’




Selling your old watch has never been easier.

Let WristChronology invest into breathing new life into your old watch. Maybe you have an old timepiece in your possession, but never could adapt it to fit your wrist? Or maybe you just want to try out a new style? (then look at our Swap service too).

If you wish to sell your old watch for a price premium, you should consider a WristChronology Direct Sale. Naturally, we have to bring our restoration expenses into the bargain, but still we offer you a pretty pay.

Still curious? Selling you watch has never been easier.

Sell your watch


In 3 steps, you can get a promising premium:

1. Request a price estimate by filling in the form below. We use information to give you a price estimate.

WristChronology takes pride in being competitive and shows confidence by beating most market valuation.

2. Respond to the valuation e-mail to confirm your interest AND go ship the watch according to our terms

We are based in Copenhagen so if you would like to come and see us, if we like your watch, you could be taking cash away with you today.

Remember we do not operate a walk-in facility so Contact us to schedule.

3. Get paid upon confirmation of the final evaluation

This evaluation takes place by phone, mail correspondence or Skype. All sales e-mails always specify this.


To bring you the best deal please fill out the form below.

Note, if you know you own an exquisite item, you should consider a WristChronology Commission Sale.

Should you perhaps be more interested in looking into WristChronology watch instead, we offer you a WristChronology Swap at price benefits not to let pass.


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Info on the watch you wish to sell



Additional Information:

  • We do only deal in pre-worn watches. Please note that our pricing is based on estimates and on your description of the watch. In hand it could be a different story altogether.
  • If you decide to take use of our services then we will send you an invoice to confirm the terms of agreement. Remember to post with a carrier that offers track & trace service to be sure and safe in the knowledge your watch is insured by the carrier company up until our confirmed time of delivery.
  • When we receive the watch, we will give you a call and later send you a final valuation e-mail to confirm.
  • In the unlikely event you are not happy with our valuation; we will return the watch to you after agreed terms.
  • Counterfeit goods cannot be returned and will be disposed of accordingly.
  • If you agree, we will transfer the payment to you immediately: cash in hand, PayPal or wire (DK banks only).
  • Please do ensure you make an appointment, as we do not operate a ‘walk in’ facility. Use our Contact us form.
  • Should you come to visit us, then please ensure you bring a form of ID with you (passport or driver’s license)


NB: For your information WristChronology loves a well-preserved vintage Swiss with live proof or a tale of its own will most likely challenge the specifications and quality in the watch itself since it adds value to its Chronology potential. To you, this type of in-hand Chronology Sale often beats price offers in normal direct sales. Still considering your best option? Contact us.