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Swap your watch to cross over to a freshly tuned vintage timepiece



Maybe you noticed how you have carried your perfectly fine vintage watch less than usual? Sometimes, your time-experience declines, but it does not imply that your inner love for vintage clockworks is faulty. Quite on the contrary, it remains fully intact and you simply just want to try out some totally different.

Yet you know getting an additional watch is not really your choice at the moment due to the double cost and bother of getting a new and retaining an old watch. Collectors and casual wearers alike keep their vintage souls in blossom by parting with old timepieces and switching them for new ones in their passion.

In any event you should consider taking advantage of our Swap service to enjoy a fortunate price on your old watch at an exchange rate that few others can rival.


Please continue the WristChronology Swap process:

A.    Make sure your old watch holds the original Swiss mechanics

Better information (e.g. box, papers and original stamps) on a pre-worn watch gets the better price

B.     Use the Contact form below to file a WristChronology Swap with any WC item featured online

Please consider: our prices reflect any required repairs depending on a grade quality of your watch

C.     Respond to the proposal to confirm the WristChronology Swap terms. Then ship your watch to us.

We are based in Copenhagen, but we do not operate a walk-in facility so remember to arrange a visit first. If we like your watch, you could be taking your new watch away with you today

D.    Upon our confirmation agree to the final terms by making payment and wait for your new watch Confirmation takes place by phone, mail correspondence or Skype.

A swap confirmation e-mail will always specify the exact terms & conditions agreed upon by you and Wrist Chronology in the deal.


Contact info

Info on the watch you wish to swap



Finally, Wrist Chronology would like to take the opportunity to encourage you to give it a good think before you decide to swap your watch. We cannot guarantee that your watch has not been sold, even if you wake up the next morning to regret the swap. Please only swap a watch that you truly wish to part with. We only hope you see this as an occasion to please a fellow lover of vintage watch traditions too.


Additional Information:

  • We only deal in pre-worn watches. Please note that our Swap proposal is based on estimates between your desired watch and on your description of your old watch. Maybe swing by? Quality in hand may get you a top deal.
  • If you decide to take use of our services then we will send you an invoice to confirm our agreement. Remember to post the package with track & trace service to be sure and safe in the knowledge your watch is insured by the carrier company up until our confirmed time of delivery.
  • When we receive your watch, we will give you a call and later send you a final valuation e-mail to confirm.
  • In the unlikely event you are not happy with our valuation; we will return the watch to you.
  • Counterfeit goods cannot be returned and will be disposed of accordingly.
  • If you agree, we will transfer the payment to you immediately: cash in hand, PayPal or wire (DK banks only).
  • Please do ensure you make an appointment, as we do not operate as a ‘walk in’ facility.
  • Should you come to visit us, then please ensure you bring a form of ID with you (passport or driver’s license)


NB: For your information WristChronology loves a well-preserved vintage Swiss with live proof or a tale of its own will most likely challenge the specifications and quality in the watch itself since it adds value to its Chronology potential. To you, this type of in-hand Swap often beats the price offer in a regular WristChronology Swap. If this is your watch, you may Contact us.