Omega SpeedMaster UltraMan

Omega SpeedMaster UltraMan

…and a Japaneese sci-fi movie


Speedmaster Ultraman 004

On 14th November 2015 a super rare Omega SpeedMaster Professional UltraMan was up for auction and hammered for no less than 3 times its estimated value on Kaplans auction house in Sweden. In some ways the Ultraman is pretty similar to any other Omega SpeedMaster Professional carrying the reference number 145.012-67 measuring 42mm; equipped with the 321 movement; has been produced in 1967 and has a serial number ranging from to but then again, it may not at all.


Speedmaster Ultraman 001


The Ultraman is one of the most overlooked Omega SpeedMaster watches despite its catchy orange chronograph hand, that without any doubt would be the first thing to stroke your eyes when casting a glance on the superb spacy dash.


Speedmaster Ultraman 002


The nickname Ultraman was given when the spacy Speedmaster had a guest appearance in the eponymous Japanese TV show, which was hot sci-fi stuff in Japan from around 1966 until 1972.

Speedmaster Ultraman 005

The estimate for this special Speedmaster was 25,000 SEK, or around $3,000. The Omega SpeedMaster UltraMan was hammered for no less thatn 63,000 SEK, or around $7,250.


Speedmaster Ultraman 003


 Find the listing from Kaplans auctions in Sweden right here