A King’s Watch under the hammer

 A King’s Watch under the hammer


Elvis Presley’s Omega Constellation




Elvis Presley was one of the most significant cultural icons of the 20th century he is often referred to as “the King of Rock and Roll”, or simply, “the King”. To WristChronology The King is not only to be remembered for; an amazing vocal; as skilled musician; a dancer communicating with his hips & lover waist nor sole as a loved actor. To WristChronology Presley was all that but most of man with class & style.




Last month Antiquorum auctions had a Kings watch under the hammer – not just any King’s watch! But the exact watch owned and worn by the King – Elvis Presley – himself.  We take a closer look at the Kings legendary Omega Constellation, which was hammered in New York 11th December 2014.



Presley’s Omega Constellation dates back to 1960 and features a calibre 504 manual which is a chronometer certified movement with date and a gold capped stainless steel case. The case back caries the classic 8 star observatory relief, which has been a trademark for the Omega Constellation series was born in the early 1950’ies. The black dial has a delicate cross hair division with date, golden indexes’ and worth mentioning the logo, text and dauphine hand on this Omega Constellation is all made from pure pink gold.




The watch was sold accompanied with a letter from Charlie Hodge togehter with several portraits of Elvis wearing the watch. In 1958 Charlie Hodge met Presley while both of them were serving in the US army. During their time in the army Presley and Hodge build up a close friendship, which was to last until the death of the King in 1977.




The army wasn’t the only thing Presley and Hodge had in common. Both of them shared a deep passion for music in fact Hodge was a successful musician himself. As the watch is from 1960 it is not unlikely that Elvis Presley bought the Omega Constellation with Charlie Hodge by his site. During their friendship Hodge often complemented Presley’s Constellation and eventually Elvis gave Charlie the legendary Omega Constellation as a symbol of their friendship. It is worth mentioning that Presley considered Hodge one of his most faithful and loyal counsels as a matter of fact Hodge even residing in Graceland for 16 years.




Antiquorum valued the Omega Constellation to a pre-estimated of $10.000 to $20.000 but on 11th December 2014 the watch was hammered at an astounding $52.000, which is more than 5 times its low estimate.

 “We are delighted by the result for Elvis Presely’s Omega Constellation Calendar wristwatch in today’s sale,” said Evan Zimmermann, President & CEO of Antiquorum. “ The outstanding outcome confirms that collectors continue to look for timepieces with exceptional provenance, adding immeasurably to their value and collectability.” – get more info about Antiquorum’s offical press releases


Auction history on Elvis Presley’s Omega Constellation

Elvis Presley’s Omega Constellation has been under the hammer 3 times during the last 4 years and each time hammered the price has increased.

  • 13th December 2011 sold for $ 15.535 at Heritage auctions
  • 12th June 2012 sold for $ 42.000 at Antiquorum auctions in New York
  • 14th December 2014 sold for $ 52.000 at Antiquorum auctions in New York

We will let you know when the Kings’ watch comes under the hammer once again.



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